Wouldn’t He do it!

There is a shift taking place in our lives. Have you ever felt that so deeply? The atmosphere feels different, your heart is preparing, and your spirit is in anticipation.
Maybe its a natural part of spring, or maybe it’s because we leave on our much anticipated trip for Israel in less than one month, but I feel anticipation in every part of my soul.
Isn’t it sad that so often in life we focus on what needs to change or what isn’t working instead of what is BLESSING us?
Gosh. I want to remember and know God’s goodness all around me.
Even on the hard days.
So, today here is what I am in awe of and simply saying “wouldn’t He do it?”
– We paid off our THIRD parcel of land today in Uganda because of some crazy huge donations. It’s no wonder that since we started giving more, we have been receiving more!
– In regards to giving, as we have been intentional with generous giving, it’s been addicting. Like the best tasting basil and lemon infused ice water on a hot day. I just want to give more and more. And as we do, God is truly blowing us away. DANG GOD.
– Did I mention we are going to Israel because of a dearly loved friends generosity? JUST SO GOOD!

Friends, write out your blessings! Shift perspectives to praise!

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