Fear vs Love.
When I operate in a place of fear, I am allowing fear to reign. It’s like a tether at my heart pulling me into a place of worrisome and tiresome toil.
When God blesses there is no toilsome labor added to it.
There is simply rest.
What I’ve been learning in this season is to rest in place of fear. The Lord has told me that this season I am in has the promises He has given me, and the promised land is a land of rest.

Lourd, that is hard for this enneagram one.
So, how do I get to the place of rest?
Right now, it’s literally me closing my eyes and counting to ten and focusing on truths that I know.
My truths:
I am loved by Father God.
He sees me.
He knows my hearts deepest desires.
My family is covered under the blood.
God is the one fighting, I only need to rest.
Sometimes I picture myself laying in God’s arms. Sometimes I am dancing with Him. A few times when I worry about my kids I picture them thriving in life and whatever it is that I am worried about over them, I picture the opposite.
I simply choose to find rest and let His love wash over me. Because, in that, fear has no hold. It’s replaced with love.
Perfect love casts out fear (1 John 4:18).

Rest is the greatest expression of faith.
Let’s do this friends. Lets step into faith and rest. Kick that fear to the curb.
Know who we are and whose we are.

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