about Lizie

HI! I’m Lizie. 🙂
I’m in love with Father God.
I’m an enneagram one.
I’m a feeler and a world changer. 
I turn 40 this year and I’m pretty excited about that. A fresh decade. It’s like what Anne of Green Gables says, “Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it.” I feel like that with a new decade. Oh, I know there will be mistakes. But, it’s like a fresh set of sheets just waiting to be snuggled into.
I travel the world and share the love of Jesus to the unreached while preaching, teaching, and discipling with my husband, Robert. I want to see marriages transformed and families restored. I have a dream of selling fair trade items that we have curated from around the world.
Robert and I run a non-profit ministry (Zoe Now) that we combine all of our passions in. We have three kids; Gretchen, Molly and Rylan. They are world changers and the biggest JOYS in our life.

There you go-that’s a bit about me. Now that that part is over, lets get into the good stuff.
Hugs and love friends.


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  • God is so good.
I hope you all had an amazing Easter!
  • I have good news!
It’s almost peony season!
*and all the women rejoiced*
  • God gave me a promise.
There are many days that I couldn’t see how that promise could be fulfilled. 
But I kept believing. 
Even in the days I felt forgotten. 
I can’t even start to explain to you how much this means to me, so, I hope you catch a glimpse of my heart in my latest blog post (link in profile).
The short version: we (as in our entire family) is going back to Israel this June! 
The long version: this is a dream fulfilled in the coolest and most beautiful way. 
Because GOD. 🙌🏻 🇮🇱
  • I love how Father God made us all so beautifully set apart. We are all so beautiful, so interesting and so unique.
I can’t get enough of my enneagram ONE song because, through the words, I feel God’s love for me. How He created us is not something to look down on or be-little.
New blog post live on my blog today about the enneagram (link in profile).
  • Rylan turned 12 yesterday. It seems like yesterday he was following me around with his cutie baby chub legs. 😍😭
Parents of babies and toddlers- it goes by faster than you can imagine. Embrace every day, and love your kids fiercely.
So proud of this boy. He’s a world changer! ☘️
  • To my Minnesota and Wisconsin friends,
Go find your nearest greenhouse. 
Pull up a lawn chair. 
Take off your coat. 
Sip a cool beverage of choice. 
Breathe deep. 🌱

Your welcome. 🤗
  • Happy birthday to this gem. 
I love you so much babe. 
Thank you for leading us and walking out your love and faith so passionately. You are my favorite. 😍
  • Some think white walls are boring, but for me; it brings so much peace. I love our white walls with deep rich stain that nods to an older 1900’s home. Add in my grandmas hutch and it’s perfection. 🌟
Just finished repainting our dining room white. Swipe to see the stages. When we moved in it was that awful red/cream situation, and I immediately painted it a light blue. The color was actually really pretty but mixed with the dark trim, I never liked it. 
I’m happy now. Hello creamy white. 😍
Paint color: Behr Cotton Knit
  • Real life: I’ve been sick and pretty down lately, so been here most of the week. Say a little prayer for us today friends? Nothing specific just could use an extra dose of Fathers Gods love today. 
Thanks ♥️ 🤗
  • BRUSSELS. Dang, you are stunning. Literally cannot wait to explore you again in the summer months.
  • Last month I finished our bathroom floor. Hand stencil by @cuttingedgestencils. 
Easily one of the most labor intensive, but rewarding projects I have undertaken! So happy it’s over and I can enjoy the fruits of my labor. 😄🤪 I guess we feel like that after every project though! Lol.
  • I read this today in an amazing book I’m reading “Living from the Unseen” by @wendycbacklund, and wanted to share it because it set me free!  I grew up believing this, and I’m sure many of you who grew up in the 80’s - 90’s church did as well:
‘As a young Christian I heard many testimonies about the devil’s ability to attack, especially when one is doing something for God. I know these people were trying to testify that God was faithful, but what I concluded was that anytime I am doing something for God, I would be assaulted. My faith was not attached to God‘s faithfulness, but in satan‘s ability to attack! This perception of the normal Christian life created a lifestyle of having unnecessary spiritual attacks. I was actually limiting my ability to receive protection because I believed that attack was right and normal. God asked my husband and I a great question: “Why do you have more faith in the enemies ability to attack, than in My ability to protect?” This challenged our patterns of thinking, and we immediately repented and realized that we are not the attacked ones, but the attackers! We get to go on the offensive. We should talk often about God‘s protection, not satan‘s attacks, because whatever we spend time talking about, we will see more of that manifest in our lives.’
Isn’t that SO GOOD??!!! I hope that blesses someone else. Happy weekend friends! ♥️
  • The Lord (finally!) gave me my word for the year last week after we got back from Uganda. 
It was a word that was bubbling in my spirit, but God didn’t plant it in my heart right away. It was afterwards when we came home, and I was soaking in all the moments and memories of the trip that the word sprang into my heart. 
Joy in the journey. 
Joy in the moments. 
Joy in the waiting. 
Joy in the in-between. 
I want to experience all that JOY!!! And I want to spread it. Because dang, we all need it! 😂

So here I am living my best life with my other joy-filled girlfriend, Chelsea, on top of a mountain in Uganda. 
All the praise bands people. 
All.the.praise.hands! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
  • You know all those photos you see of African school rooms? It was a surreal experience to step into one of those classrooms. I loved the simplicity of the rooms at this beautiful christian school in Uganda.
  • We have been officially home one week from Uganda. 
I’ve cried a lot. 
For me, tears bring me to a place of raw vulnerability before Father God, and He speaks to my heart in ways that I don’t think I could hear if I wasn’t in that place. 
I’m so grateful. 
I’m living out my dream which is to travel and minister all over the world. To experience cultures and love people of all walks of life. 
This is only just the beginning and guys, I am here for it. 
Also Rylan. Gah. He experienced his best life in Uganda.
All the heart eyes 😍😍😍
  • The boda boda life. 
We all wanted to live it. 🏍
  • Moss covered worn steps with banana trees surrounding. Behind me was a large field with goats, cows and sheep. It is the best kind of beautiful.
  • Just hanging out in an African safari living the best life.🇺🇬
  • The hearts of all people are so beautiful. 
Why do we forget this?
For me, when I step into other cultures, I am reminded how kind and pure God created our hearts to operate in. 
That is His nature. 
Beauty. Peace. Joy. Kindness. Forgiveness. LOVE. 
I desire so much to be like my Father God. Every day. No matter where I am.
Oh, and this gem in the photo? My beloved friend in Uganda. My Ruth. A ray of sunshine with a servants heart. My love for her extends through the miles.
  • If your interested in knowing more about our mission trip, I am highlighting each day on @_zoenow_  insta-stories! Check it out and follow along. We are already planning next years trip and I’m super excited about it! 
My opinion - everyone should go on a mission trip at least every couple years. It changes you in the best way possible. 🤗🇺🇬
  • ♥️
God has not changed. 
He will continue to place 
the right people in your life 
at the right time
and reveal to you 
what needs to be revealed 
in the proper season.
  • A little side by side comparison of this gem. 💗
Oh Benita, you have grown so much in one year. I almost cried when I saw you. God has put you in my heart for a reason, and you are my favorite little person in Uganda. 
Continue to shine. Continue to laugh. Love Jesus with your whole heart.
Until next year beautiful one,
Your mama Lizie 💕
  • A little layover fun on our way home from Uganda. I haven’t been to Brussels in a long time, and it was just as enchanting as I remembered it to be. ♥️
  • Even the in between moments are filled with joy. Oh Uganda 🇺🇬 You are so loved.
  • Uganda is rich in ways that may not always be evident to the natural eye. It is rich in love, in joy, in loyalty and in kindness. 
Oh and in bananas. A lot and lot of bananas 😂🍌
  • Can I just say, I knew Rylan would do well on his first missions trip, but I didn’t think he would do this well. I’m floored by him. He is making friends, ministering, participating, and experiencing this trip through the brightest and most excited eyes I have ever witnessed. 
He is truly thriving and we give glory to God. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
  • Here they refer to all the children as ‘mama Lizie’s kids’. I suppose my love for all the kids is evident. 😍 
No one is surprised.
  • Hello uganda 🇺🇬
  • Family ♥️
Rob,Ry and myself are getting ready to leave for our trip, but I hate not being all together. Blessed by each of these people.
  • May your days be merry and bright. 🌟
I haven’t taken down our Christmas decor yet, but I’m itching too. Just want my house all clean and feeling fresh. Also plan on painting more walls white next week because nothing feels more fresh to me than white walls (and freshly washed floors may I add). 😁
Happy weekend friends!
  • I want more of this in 2019. 
Do I struggle with feeling qualified? 
But I know it’s what I am called to do, AND I know whose I am. 🌟
Let’s go (who’s with me?!)!!
  • This past weekend we had our extended family Christmas and enjoyed ice skating, Christmas lights, a Peruvian meal, gifts galore and many fun games.
⛄️ So thankful and blessed.
  • Forever thankful. 👩🏼👱🏼‍♀️👦🏻

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