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HI! I’m Lizie. 🙂
I’m in love with Father God.
I’m an enneagram one.
I’m a feeler and a world changer. 
I turn 40 this year and I’m pretty excited about that. A fresh decade. It’s like what Anne of Green Gables says, “Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it.” I feel like that with a new decade. Oh, I know there will be mistakes. But, it’s like a fresh set of sheets just waiting to be snuggled into.
I travel the world and share the love of Jesus to the unreached while preaching, teaching, and discipling with my husband, Robert. I want to see marriages transformed and families restored. I have a dream of selling fair trade items that we have curated from around the world.
Robert and I run a non-profit ministry (Zoe Now) that we combine all of our passions in. We have three kids; Gretchen, Molly and Rylan. They are world changers and the biggest JOYS in our life.

There you go-that’s a bit about me. Now that that part is over, lets get into the good stuff.
Hugs and love friends.


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  • 20 years. ♥️
Someone asked me yesterday does it feel like it has gone by quickly? And I had to reflect on that one. In some ways, yes, life just feels like it keeps speeding up. But in most ways, no. 
We have gone through some really hard years. 
Like really hard. 
Sometimes I’m so amazed we are still together. Honestly, it’s not a matter of having ‘ten tips and tricks to a healthy marriage’ that helps your marriage flourish. It’s the Holy Spirit. When we are walking through hard, I ask HIM what is it the core root here that needs to be dealt with? Because typically there is a root for problems surfacing. Don’t treat the symptoms, treat the root. 
When we walked through marriage counseling with our Pastors (We cant thank you two enough @pauldcarlson and @danesjc) they operated in that Holy Spirit wisdom, and it has been something we have carried into our own counseling with couples. 
I have so many feelings today but the most I feel is so much gratitude. Because we had every odd against us to not make it. 
And I love this man so very very much.
  • 💙💙
  • Had such a refreshing time in Texas this week. Laughed, ate, tanned, reflected, and simply WAS. Let’s chase slow more often, friends. And surround yourself with people who give you life. 🌱
  • I feel a lot. I used to think that my feelings had to be stuffed down or I was ‘out of faith’ if I voiced what was in my heart. But here’s the thing: our Father is son of God AND He is also the son of man. Which means, He feels. He gets us. We can be real before Him. Yes have faith, but also, express your feelings to Him. 
He gets it. 🙌🏻
  • Sent Gretchen off for her second year at Bethel. I guess it gets a bit easier to let go, but it still feels lonely. 💙
Love you, G. Continue to soar!
  • My girls. ✨
You are both leaders, world changers and bright lights.
I love you both so much. 👩🏼👱🏼‍♀️
  • saying goodbye to the most perfect summer ✨
  • And just like that we are planning our third trip to Uganda! 
I can’t wait to see this little sweetie again and hug the necks of our favorites. 
Do you want to join us? Check out @_zoenow_ for additional information. 🌎
  • When I operate in a place of fear, I am allowing fear to reign. It’s like a tether at my heart pulling me into a place of worrisome and tiresome toil.
. . .
More on my blog today about this place of rest I am choosing everyday.
Link in profile!
  • The wailing wall in Jerusalem. 🙌🏻
It’s believed to be the closest spot to Solomon's original temple and the Holy of Holies. The anointing that rests in this spot is so powerful, and brings me to tears every time. It was a dream to see my girls enter into this place and sense that powerful anointing. ❤️
Also, side note: if your shoulders are exposed, they will ask you to wear a cape like garment out of respect. We totally failed in that department. 😂
  • Praises up he’s mine.
  • These girls. Gosh. 
I love that I can 100% be who I am and they love me so well. We all represent a different decade of life, but you wouldn’t be able to even tell. Our hearts are so unified. 
And we love to laugh. 
A lot. 😂
I am just so grateful.
  • Outside our flat in Haifa, Israel. 🥰🌹
My obsession with flowers is getting more real as I get older 😍😍😍
  • Anyone else have projects that seem to drag out?!
Well, I finally finished my bathroom!
I wanted a new full sink but because we are on a budget, I used what we had, and I’m so happy with it! 
I painted the base a navy blue, and than I found out about this appliance epoxy which you use to give appliances a fresh coat. But! It can also be used to give your countertop a new look! I actually used it on both my countertop and sink bowl and it looks fantastic! Brand new!
We than got a new faucet on amazon, and I’m calling this bathroom a wrap! 
Isn’t she cute?! I wish I took more before photos of this bathroom. When we moved in it had wallpaper that looked like library shelves and dark paint. She was not cute than. 😆

Now unto the kids bathroom in which I am doing another hand stencil (oh, man)! I may be crazy. 🤪🥰
#bathroomfacelift #bathroomdiy #bathroomremodel
  • The old city, Jerusalem. 
Easily one of the most culturally diverse, interesting and busiest places I have been too.
Gosh, I love it.
  • Today is my sisters Becky’s birthday!🥰
When we lived in Israel, Becky was my only friend for a long time, but I never felt like I lacked in the friend department. Since those early Israel days, she has been one of my closet friends.
She’s an enneagram two which means she gives constantly, loves deeply, and asks nothing in return. 
If you know Becky, show her some love today and let her know how incredible she is! ♥️
Happy birthday, B. I love you!
  • As soon as we pulled up to our home after a 60+ hour trip home, I literally rolled out of the car and jolted to my peony bushes. Lol. Obsessed much? I am just so thankful a few blooms awaited my return. 
Anyone else find so much joy from a peony bloom?! 🥰🌸🥰
  • Traveling is both exhilarating and exhausting. 
Right now I’m feeling the latter. 😴
  • A dream trip 🇮🇱
  • I can’t get enough of this view of Haifa. Our last Airbnb has been a piece of heaven. 
I’m so grateful.
  • Seeing my Arab mum after 25 years ya’ll. 😭🥰😍😭
You will not find a sweeter soul.
  • Israel 💙🇮🇱💙
  • The Dead Sea is simply the coolest. These salt formations create the most unique textures and patterns as they form. 
Across the water is Jordan. 😍
  • Israel feels like home.
  • No one I would rather go on this adventure with. ♥️
  • Paris was like a dream. ❤️
Now unto the best part.
  • Do I have the sweetest kids in the world?
Yes, yes I do. 🥰
  • When our cherry blossom tree blossoms every year, it reminds me how much God loves me. 
He cares about every detail. 
He finds joy in what brings you joy. 
And this tree, brings me an incredible amount of joy. It’s like a white blanket of God’s love for me that encompasses every part of my heart. 
He knows. He sees. He loves so deeply. ❤️
  • Six weeks and counting till we are in Israel again! Can’t come soon enough. 🇮🇱
  • God is so good.
I hope you all had an amazing Easter!
  • I have good news!
It’s almost peony season!
*and all the women rejoiced*
  • God gave me a promise.
There are many days that I couldn’t see how that promise could be fulfilled. 
But I kept believing. 
Even in the days I felt forgotten. 
I can’t even start to explain to you how much this means to me, so, I hope you catch a glimpse of my heart in my latest blog post (link in profile).
The short version: we (as in our entire family) is going back to Israel this June! 
The long version: this is a dream fulfilled in the coolest and most beautiful way. 
Because GOD. 🙌🏻 🇮🇱
  • I love how Father God made us all so beautifully set apart. We are all so beautiful, so interesting and so unique.
I can’t get enough of my enneagram ONE song because, through the words, I feel God’s love for me. How He created us is not something to look down on or be-little.
New blog post live on my blog today about the enneagram (link in profile).

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